2022-2023 FIRST Team Registration Pricing FAQ


Below are some answers to frequently asked questions related to our March 21, 2022, announcement about 2022-2023 season pricing changes for team registration fees.


Q: Why are registration fees increasing? 

A: FIRST has been able to maintain FIRST LEGO League Challenge, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition team registration pricing for over a decade. While FIRST has been able to absorb much of the rising costs in program development and delivery, we must make an adjustment now so that we can continue to provide operational excellence throughout the FIRST ecosystem and minimize the impact of these widespread cost increases on the delivery of our programs and events. 

Q: Why is FIRST a good value?  

A: The impact of FIRST on youth participants is significant and life-changing in shaping their futures. Our evidence-based programs are increasing the number of students interested in STEM and who pursue STEM in their educational and career choices. We use strategies known to increase student interest and engagement in STEM, including hands-on learning, working as a team on real-life problems, exposure to careers and adult mentors, emphasis on shared values, and culminating celebrations for sharing and learning. 

We believe deeply that STEM is for everyone. That is why we have no per-student registration fees and invest heavily in areas that will help us make FIRST more accessible and inclusive to underserved communities. For schools and after-school service providers, FIRST remains a high-value, high-impact offering when compared with other after-school activities, programs, and traditional sports especially on a per-student basis.    

Q: What are the 2022-2023 FIRST team registration fees 

A: The 2022-2023 FIRST Team Registration Fees* are: 

  • FIRST LEGO League Explore (US & Canada only): $125 (increase of $26)  

  • FIRST LEGO League Challenge (US & Canada only): $250 (increase of $25) 

  • FIRST Tech Challenge (US & Canada only): $295 (increase of $20) 

  • FIRST Robotics Competition (Global): $6,000 for all teams (increase of $1,000 for veteran teams)  

  • The 2022 price decrease to $3,000 for additional regional events remains in effect. If you have questions about additional district event pricing, contact your district leader. 

  • Rookie team pricing remains the same at $6,000 with new teams receiving additional materials to get up and running. 

*Prices in USD. For registration and product costs outside of the regions noted, please contact your local FIRST Program Delivery Partner 

Q: What changes are happening to product pricing? 

A: Increases in material and transport costs have resulted in some changes in product pricing. FIRST will continue to offer products through the FIRST Dashboard to headquarters-based registered FIRST teams at a discount from retail rates (all prices in USD): 

  • FIRST LEGO League Challenge season competition set: $95 ($20 increase) 

  • LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime (includes both base and expansion sets, reusable): $450 ($25 increase) 

  • LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential (reusable): $265 (no change)  

  • LEGO® Education STEAM Park (reusable): $175 ($4 increase) 

  • FIRST Tech Challenge Control & Communication Set (reusable): $265 ($55 increase) 

  • REV Control Hub (reusable): $282 ($43 increase) 

  • Tetrix Competition Set (reusable): $580 ($35 increase) 

  • REV Competition Set (reusable): $555 ($78 increase) 

Q: When will the new registration fees and product pricing go in effect? 

A: The updated team registration fees and product pricing will go into effect on May 15, 2022, for the 2022-2023 season. 

Q: Rookie FIRST Robotics Competition team fees are not increasing. Will they still receive the Rookie Kit of Parts? 

A: To help get FIRST Robotics Competition Rookie teams started with the program, Rookie teams (full criteria) receive specific incentives and assistance, including access to the Rookie Kit of Parts. To encourage the development of these new teams, FIRST has absorbed the additional costs of delivering the Rookie Kit of Parts and will maintain the Rookie Registration Fee for the 2023 season. Please note veteran teams are not eligible to receive the Rookie Kit of Parts.   

Q: How are FIRST registration fees used? 

A:  Only 40% of FIRST Headquarters expenses are covered by fees collected directly from teams Funding from registration and product fees go towards program development costs, including materials; investment in our Program Delivery Partners to build local FIRST communities and resources to support our partners; and investment in strategic work that expands access to FIRST to more participants such as improvements to digital tools and services, education and certification programs, and equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. In addition, FIRST Robotics Competition registration fees go towards helping run district and regional events. 

HQ-managed funding also supports investments in future FIRST seasons, including games and technology development; volunteer/mentor/coach/educator materials development and support; research and development for future programs; program evaluation; alumni outreach and development; brand development; youth protection; and much more. 

Q: What actions has FIRST taken to manage cost of program development and delivery? 

A: With careful fiscal management of collected fees and generous sponsor and donor support, FIRST has been able to absorb many rising costs over the years while holding team registration pricing steady. FIRST considers disciplined cost control an integral part of its fiscal responsibility, and management of both variable and fixed expenses allows us to offer programs at the lowest possible cost while also investing in our FIRST community through strategic initiatives and support. 

FIRST maintains a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for consistently executing our mission in a fiscally responsible way. This rating places FIRST in the top 1% of all charities evaluated by Charity Navigator. FIRST continues to apply the maximum percentage of funds possible to directly benefit FIRST participants. 

Q: How does this impact fees that teams pay directly to local Program Delivery Partners for registration and/or events? 

A: Fees paid to local Program Delivery Partners for participation and/or events are independently set by each local partner. This includes program fees outside of North America for FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge as well as league, qualifier, and regional championship event fees for FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge. Contact your local partner for the latest information. 

Q: Can the 2020 “Wheels on Carpet” voucher be applied towards 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition Registration? 

A: FIRST has extended the 2020 season “Wheels on Carpet” voucher for an additional season.FIRST Robotics Competition Teams who have not yet utilized their voucher may apply the value towards their 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition team registration fee. The voucher will be available through the Funds and Grants portion of the FIRST Dashboard and will automatically be applied toward registration. We recognize that this extension is a change from our original plan for this voucher. Our goal is to allow teams to use the voucher for the 2023 season to make it easier to restart their team, especially in light of the continued disruption from the pandemic.    

Q: My team needs help fundraising. Where can we start?  

A: FIRST shares opportunities for grant funding from our sponsors in our team grants portal; check back throughout the year. Your Program Delivery Partner is another great resource for potential local grant opportunities. 

There are many other opportunities to raise money for your FIRST team and contacting local businesses is a great place to start. Many teams have associations with companies that have interest in or may already provide grants/support to FIRST teams. Teams also host fundraisers. For more fundraising and sponsor outreach tips, check out the Team Fundraising Toolkit. 

Q: What is the pricing for 2022-2023 Class Packs?  

A: For 2022-2023 Class Pack pricing, contact the FIRST School Engagement at firstschoolengagement@firstinspires.org or your local partner, or visit the Class Pack web site in May for updated pricing information.