FIRST Alumni and Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are FIRST Alumni?

  • FIRST Alumni are graduates of high school-level FIRST programs (i.e. FIRST Tech Challenge and/or FIRST Robotics Competition).
  • FIRST participants are automatically considered FIRST Alumni after graduating high school.
  • FIRST Alumni are 2.6 times more likely to enroll in an engineering course freshman year of college.
  • Over 75% of FIRST Alumni are in a STEM field as a student or professional
  • Nearly half of FIRST Alumni are still involved in FIRST as coaches, mentors, and volunteers, and donors.
  • More information about FIRST Alumni, along with internship and networking opportunities, can be found at

Who is eligible for a FIRST Scholarship?

  • High school students who have participated or are participating on high-school-level FIRST Robotics Competition and/or FIRST Tech Challenge teams can apply for FIRST Scholarships
  • Most FIRST Scholarship Providers request applications during a student's senior/12th year, but there are a few scholarships available to juniors or college students. 
  • Each scholarship may also have other eligibility requirements as set by the provider. Eligibility requirements are available at

How does the FIRST Scholarship Program work?

  • FIRST Scholarships are offered and administered by the scholarship providers. Scholarship providers are primarily four-year colleges and universities, but also include, corporations, and associations.
  • Most FIRST scholarships are merit-based scholarships and may be renewable each year by maintaining an acceptable academic average. Each scholarship is unique and has its own award amount, eligibility requirements, application requirements, and application deadline.
  • Most applications are due between December and April of the last year of high school/12th grade, but applicants should pay close attention to individual deadlines. Each FIRST Scholarship has its own application process and may require an essay and/or a recommendation letter from a mentor or coach.
  • Most opportunities are made available each year, so future applicants should become familiar with the opportunities in the program in preparation to apply during their eligible year.
  • Opportunities, applications, and details about available scholarships can be found at

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