Find Local FIRST Support

FIRST® Programs are operated locally within an ecosystem that supports the FIRST mission and includes sponsors, partners, alumni, mentors, volunteers, business and civic leaders, educators, parents and students.  Leading these local FIRST ecosystems are Program Delivery Organizations that partner with FIRST to operate FIRST Programs in each community. 

The following people support and lead FIRST Programs locally:

Program Delivery Partners, appointed by the Program Delivery Organizations, provide overall leadership for FIRST Programs and work collaboratively to create and maintain volunteer-driven, self-sustaining, and growing FIRST programs in a community.

FIRST Senior Mentors, nominated by Program Delivery Partners, bring a vast array of experience which may be technical or non-technical. They work in collaboration with their local Program Delivery Partners and VISTA members (if applicable) to help support FIRST teams and grow FIRST programs in a community. Read more about  FIRST  Senior Mentors.

Connect with your local Program Delivery Partners

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  • Please do not use contact information provided below to market goods or services to FIRST partners, volunteers, or employees. 
  • FIRST does not match youth to existing teams due to our privacy policy. Teams form in local communities and recruit as needed. We encourage those looking for a team to contact local schools, libraries, or youth organizations that may have a team in place or interest in starting one. An online search may also be helpful, as some teams share contact information through websites and social media pages.
  • Find contact information for organizations not tied to a specific geographic region: Adventist Robotics League | National Society of Black Engineers
  • Find contact information for FIRST LEGO League partners outside the United States and Canada on our global FIRST LEGO League site.