FIRST LEGO League Explore Volunteer Role Descriptions

Content Type: FIRST LEGO League Explore
Nov. 13 2015

Event Volunteer role descriptions for FIRST LEGO League Explore

Technical Resources

Content Type: FIRST LEGO League Explore, FIRST LEGO League Challenge
Oct. 19 2015

Information about the technology used in FIRST LEGO League.

District Consent and Release Form

Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
Oct. 19 2015

These forms are for those attending District Kickoffs or Competitions only. They must be signed in addition to the FIRST consent and release form.

FIRST Walk-On Event Volunteer Policy and Application Form

Content Type: Volunteer
Sep. 29 2015

A required form for event volunteers who did not apply to volunteer in the Volunteer Registration system, and/or did not complete background screening in time for the event.

Regional and District Planning Guides

Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
Sep. 28 2015

This page contains the links to the FIRST Robotics Competition District and Regional Planning Guides.

Volunteer Screening Guide

Content Type: Volunteer
Sep. 25 2015
A document for event volunteers explaining the steps needed to go through background screening and comply with the Youth Protection Policy (YPP) requirements.
Sep. 25 2015

A step-by-step document for event volunteers that describes the necessary steps for creating an account and applying to volunteer at a FIRST event.

Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement

Content Type: Volunteer
Sep. 16 2015

A form used by volunteers with a direct team affiliation.