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This page contains the links to the FIRST Robotics Competition Event Planning Guides. These are tools for Planning Committees to use while planning FIRST Robotics Competition events. 

For your convenience we have added a date field to the table below to help you more easily identify changes as they occur throughout the season.

District Planning Guide

Section Title Updated Reviewed
District Planning Guide Jan. 2014  
Venue Site Selection Dec. 2013  
Field Perimeter and Plastics Dec. 2013  

Road Case Drawing RC-00100

Road Case Drawing RC-00200

Road Case Drawing RC-00700

Road Case Drawing RC-00701

June 2008

June 2008

Aug. 2008

July 2012



Event Planning Guide

Section Title Updated Reviewed
Organizing Your Event  Under Construction  
Securing Site Location and Site Requirements Under Construction  
Budgets & Financial Information Under Construction  
Staffing the Event Oct. 2023  
Judges Sep. 2023  
Student Ambassador Program Under Construction  
Quality Standards & Assessment  Under Construction  
Volunteer Recognition Jul. 2022  
Quiet Rooms Aug. 2022 Sep. 2023
Best Practices for Accessibility for FIRST Robotics Competition Sep. 2023