FIRST Robotics Competition 2020 Award Shows

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Apr. 17 2020

Below is a list of Award Shows that are happening around the FIRST Robotics Competition community. Be sure to tune in!

This list will continue to update as information becomes available.


Robot Transportation

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Feb. 28 2020

Information about robot transportation, including information for international teams and robot transportation exemptions.

FIRST Live Video Streaming Policy

Content Type: FIRST General
Jan. 21 2020

Requirements and best practices that FIRST Program Delivery Partners and users of the FIRST Robotics Competition Field Management System must follow when live streaming events online.

Event Music

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Oct. 09 2019

Create a consistent musical atmosphere for FIRST events. Got to and download playlists and understand how the event should flow.

Event Photographer

Content Type: Volunteer
Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
Aug. 05 2019

Event Photographer volunteers for FIRST Robotics Competition photograph and document the event via still images. Photographs should be professional in nature, and not include selfies or inappropriate behavior or language.

Off Season Events

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Jul. 31 2019

Off-Season information, including downloads for using the Field Management System (FMS) and how to get your event posted.

FIRST Robotics Competition Volunteer Role Descriptions

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Mar. 20 2019

Event Volunteer role descriptions and training information for FIRST Robotics Competition.

FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer Resources

Content Type: FIRST Tech Challenge
Aug. 27 2018

Resources for FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer training and development

Youth Registration System Overview

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May. 18 2018

Youth Team Member Registration is completed through the FIRST Dashboard and is for team members who have been invited to an existing team.

FIRST Championship Preliminary Match Schedules

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Apr. 12 2018

Below are the PRELIMINARY Match Schedules for the 2019 FIRST Championship. Please note that when OFFICIAL Match Schedules become available, you can find them here.