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Event Registrations, Behind the Lines, and Drive Base Opt-Out

Oct 05, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


A Comprehensive Summary of the District Event Registration Experience Today



A More Comprehensive Reminder about Regional Event Registration Tomorrow

Regional teams, your event registration for Regional events starts at Noon Eastern time tomorrow, Thursday, October 6th. Don’t miss it, or people will call you an L7*! More info.


Behind the Lines

Believe it or not, event registration isn’t the only thing going on this week!

Episode 1 of Behind The Lines is going to air live tonight, October 5th, at 8PM Eastern Time. They’re going to be discussing how to improve your team year over year, and defining and attaining goals that are right for your team, with Gabe Salas from #FIRSTChampLIVE and Steve McKinney from 987, the 2016 Chairman's Award winners and former World Champions.

Watch and participate at! They’ll answer questions they find interesting from the chat. Uninteresting questions will relegated to the dustbin of history.

If you happen to miss the show (Whaaaaat???), you'll be able to watch it anytime from the FIRST Robotics Competition Resource Library, where previous seasons are archived.


Drive Base Opt Out

Once again this year, veteran teams are able to choose an AndyMark voucher instead of the Kickoff Kit’s drive base kit. The voucher will be available on December 7th. Time to make this selection is running out! If you want the voucher, you must tell us by Noon Eastern Time tomorrow, Thursday, October 6th. Full information here. Veteran teams who don’t tell us they want the voucher by the deadline – along with all Rookie teams – will automatically get the drive base kit at Kickoff.




*I’m hoping for a resurgence of this term.

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