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FIRST Choice Round 1: Slight Delay & a Tweak

Dec 08, 2016 Written by the FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts Team.


Internal issues caused a delay in part assignment, and as a result, FIRST Choice Round 1 results won’t be shared with teams until Friday, 12/9. Additionally, we’re moving the opening of FIRST Choice “regular” ordering until 12/13 (starting at Noon, Eastern Time). We’ll update FIRST and AndyMark sites where these dates are referenced.

Also, we meant to present the 1.94 in. and 2.55 in. spacers as packs of eight, not singles. We’re fixing that: the credit value will stay at five, the website will be updated, and the shipments will be kits of eight.  

Thank you for your understanding, and please accept our apologies for the delay and the change in product details. 

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didn't get the email went  first choice it open

We’re sincerely apologize that you didn’t get the email. Did you check your spam folder? In addition to using email, the FIRST Choice opening was communicated broadly, via the FRC Blog, Facebook and Twitter.


I have tried to get into the FIRST Choice ordering system today, but am getting an error message that the page isn't there.


Hi! Thanks for the heads up! Can you check the website again? It should be fixed now!


How do we find out which parts we will get from first choice?


All teams received emails from AndyMark at the end of last week with the list of items assigned from Round 1. If you didn’t, or have questions about your team’s specific order, please contact

I am currently trying to log on to the FIRST Choice website and an error message is appearing

Hi Hannah!

Thanks for letting us know. It should be fixed now, but please let us know if you are still getting an error.


I'm trying to login to First Choice and this is the message I keep getting:  

{"Message":"The given key was not present in the dictionary."}

Hi there!

Please try this link:

We think that is the solution, but if not, you can email for additional technical support.


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