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A More Serious Note

Jan 11, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick.


FIRST Family member, Don Bossi, President of FIRST, underwent colon cancer surgery yesterday. The surgery went very well, but his recovery period will be extensive. He will be doing little, if any, travel this competition season, though he (and we, of course) are hoping he will be able to attend FIRST Championship. Don is a wonderful President of FIRST and is greatly admired for his leadership, vision, easy-going style, and work ethic. I hope you will join the FIRST staff in wishing Don a full recovery! In case you would like to send a note or card of encouragement, you can send it to the attention of Don at:  FIRST, 200 Bedford St, Manchester, NH 03101, and we’ll be sure to get it to him. (Don loves to hear what FIRST means to our community, so if you do send a note, I’m sure a few words about what FIRST means to you would be appreciated!)


We all wish you the best speedy recovery possible. From 4-H Exploding Bacon Robotics Team 1902 and Central Florida Robotics (FIRST LEGO League Jr and FIRST LEGO League Partners/ Planning Committee Central Florida)

Wishing you a safe and healthy recovery! Full Steam ahead! Team 3633 and its Mentors from MN are thinking of you.

On behalf of everyone at FUN we wish Don a speedy and full recovery.  Don has transformed the culture of FIRST for the better and has made a positive impact in thousands of students lives.

Thank you so much for being an insightful and understanding president of the organization I have put so much time into. Without you and your guidance, I wouldnt be where I am or who I am today.  I send you well wishes and I do send good vibes toward your recovery, despite all else, know that you have a load of people behind you, wanting nothing but the best for you and yours. 

I initially heard about FIRST from a friend whom is a teacher and a coach of an FTC team. I was asked to

volunteer for his regional qualifier out of the blue a few years ago during the Cascade Effect season.

Little did I know what this would have on my life. A few months later I accepted a position as the state Volunteer Coordinator for North Carolina for FTC. Since then I have attended two kickoffs. last years worlds in St Louis, as well as become a mentor for an FTC team. Because of FIRST, these past 2 years have been some of the most rewarding of my 38 year old life. 

Thank You

Phil Salazar

Wishing, and praying for you to have a return to full health (or even better!) as soon as possible.

And on another note, I will not be at the TORC (FRC2137) meeting this Thursday, as I prep for my colonoscopy on Friday. Some things are even worth missing a build day. Best Wishes Don! 

The entire Robo'Lyon team 5553 (France) joins me in wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. We hope that our message and numerous others bring you the strength you need to be back on your feet and running very soon. 



Hi Don,

Get well soon! We wish you the best and fast recovery. We hope to see you soon in FRC events.

All the best,

Umit Kenis

​FRC Team 4571

Thank you for all that you do for FIRST! It truly is the greatest program out there and it wouldn't be as amazing as it is without everything you do. The Power Hawks Team 1111 are hoping you get better soon!

Team 79 Krunch sending you well wishes! Here's to a speedy recovery! 

In the nearest time, I hope you heal.


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