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Safety, Safety, Safety

Jan 05, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick.


Before the craziness of build season starts (Saturday!) please take a moment to think ‘Safety’. Take a few minutes to look around your build space. See any tripping hazards? Are appropriate equipment guards in place? Do you have a first aid kit available, and plenty of safety glasses for everyone? Now is the time to check, before you get so engaged with the season you forget!

The Safety Manual has just been updated for the 2017. You can find it here. Please read it, and make sure your fellow team members do as well.


Also, we are pleased to announce the winner and runners-up of the 2017 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL!

The winner is FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3691, The RoboRaiders, from Northfield, Minnesota, USA. In addition to being presented with a trophy, their animation will be shown all through the season at events. Check it out:

We also have several runners-up for this award:

  • Team 810, The Mechanical Bulls, from Smithtown, New York, USA
  • Team 2129, Ultraviolet, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Team 1502, Technical Difficulties, Chelsea, Michigan, USA
  • Team 3637, The Daleks, Flemington, New Jersey, USA
  • Team 3654, TechTigers, Middletown, Connecticut, USA

You can see all these animations on the safety page.

Congratulations all, and thanks for helping us keep safety in mind. 

Only two more days until Kickoff! So exciting! (But stay safe!)


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