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STIMS and Steampunk

Nov 07, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


We hear you. STIMS (the FIRST team information management system) can be frustrating to use. I attended a meeting last week here at FIRST HQ that had the right people in attendance to make improvements. The meeting included folks that deal directly with our customers and are hearing firsthand what the challenges are. Many in the meeting had also reviewed the recent posts on the Chief Delphi forums discussing these issues.

We have a path forward for short-term improvements. Some are easy to implement, others will take more time, but you will gradually be seeing steps over the next several weeks in the right direction. We are determined to make things better!



Get your Steampunk on tonight, as our friends at First Updates Now (FUN) host Hananiah Wilson, creator of the Steampunk Style Guide that was included in DLC Pack 2! Check it out here starting at 8:30PM Eastern Time.



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Thank you. We miss so much the old system. I cannot find how to change team name, how to check if you are missing information. I don't know if I am signed up for a kick-off meeting, etc.

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