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Houston is Looking Good and We’re Eliminating the Bag!* (For Houston!**)

Apr 17, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



Houston is Looking Good

2018 FIRST Championship Houston Setup FIRST Robotics Competition

Volunteers and staff are working away right now getting things all set for the big show. And ‘big show’ it’s going to be – with those 6 fields lined up end to end, the joint is going to be jumping! We can’t wait to get things started!


We’re Eliminating the Bag!

As we’ve done in prior years, we are eliminating the bag and lock-up form checks for teams attending FIRST Championship Houston. You don’t need to wait for an inspector; when you get to your pit and get access to your robot, you can get that bag off and start working.





**Just for Houston? Stop toying with us, Frank!

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is load in still limited to 1 hour and 5 people or can we work from 1:00-4:00

Hi Zachariah! I sincerely apologize for not responding! We hope you had a great experience in Houston! Thanks! Jamee

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