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FIRST Choice FUN Tonight

Nov 27, 2017 Written by Kate Pilotte, Kit of Parts Manager.


You are all invited to tune in to tonight’s episode of FUN (FIRST Updates Now). They’ll be hosting Marshall Massengill (FIRST Choice user guru and Zebracorn from Team 900), Jerry Budd from AndyMark (FIRST Choice provider guru) and me to talk about how FIRST Choice works, how best to use it, and answer audience questions. We’re on at 8:30pm (Eastern), and you can watch the live show here!

Hope to hear from you!


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Will there be any documentation or notes provided?   There are FIRST Teams who pay their registration fees to support the proram, but don't have access to live stream facilities.         The parts ordering process is pretty complex. Couldn't there at least be a flow chart or process map to guide teams through the parts process, rather than depending on expert live streams to figure it out?   (Ues, I know htere's a flow chart for FIRST Choice process.  How about for all the parts process.?)

Thanks for your comment, and we agree that we can do a better job at making the processes clear. The FIRST Choice episode from last night is available at, and the slide presentation referenced in the show is posted at

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