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Control System Layout For All

Jul 10, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



We recently gave away an old 2015 Control System display board we had sitting around the office.


Check out FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1189, The Gearheads, enjoying their new to them display board. And some bananas.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1189 with their Control System Board and bananas

Bananas -- not just for scale anymore!


Some of you, in your requests for the board, asked if we could provide a digital version so you could print your own. Sure! Here you go!



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I would really like a digital copy of the control system display to print out and hang for my team to reference. Thank you so much for making it available!

You are welcome! Enjoy!

Thank you !!!

Thank You.   You don't realize how valuable this is for novice teams and teams with constant turnover (perpetual rookie teams).

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