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Event Preferencing, Beta Testing, NASA Grant Deadline

Sep 26, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



Event Preferencing

Don't Miss First Event Preferencing! FIRST Robotics Competition

One final reminder – Event Preferencing closes at Noon Eastern Time tomorrow, September 27. Any teams not entering their event preferences by that time will find themselves at the end of a very long line of teams who already have made their choices. It’s like being the last in line for the buffet. You may find the Swedish meatballs are all gone by the time it’s your turn. And that would make anyone cry out in anguish.


Even if you have already submitted your preferences, you can help others avoid the no meatball nightmare. Please reach out to teams you know, especially to rookie teams and teams with new mentors, to check that they know about this deadline and will be submitting their preferences on time!


More details on preferencing here.


Preferencing results will be announced to teams on Friday, September 28. Look for an email from FIRST on that day informing you of where you have been registered or waitlisted. These results will also be reflected in your dashboard.


Beta Testing

Would you like to have your team participate in control system beta testing for the 2019 season? We’re looking for 20-25 motivated FRC teams for each software language to help us out. The deadline to apply is this Friday, September 28! See more details here.


NASA Grant Deadline

If you are a team from the USA, NASA grants applications are closing soon, on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. See more details here.



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