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Kendrick Castillo

May 09, 2019 Written by Frank Merrick.


Kendrick Castillo

Wednesday morning, we learned that the individual killed during the recent school shooting was one of our own, Kendrick Castillo, a senior on FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4418, STEM IMPULSE from Colorado, USA. He was in his final week of high school and had plans to study engineering in college. Reports have emerged of Kendrick rushing the gunman and likely preventing additional deaths. He is being rightly hailed as a hero.


I don’t have the words for this blog. They are all too small to encompass how senseless this all is, our pain for Kendrick’s family, team, and community, and how much it hurts for us to lose a wonderful FIRST family member most of us didn’t even know we had.


FIRST has created a fund to support Kendrick’s family, his team, and his community. You can find the link here.





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Its really awesome you guys can come together and do this, what do you think like the Imagery award in honor of jack kamen we have an award in FRC in honor of Kendrick?


My heart and prayers go out to all those affected. I'm glad he showed the values of FIRST, indeed the highest values of humanity, to the end. Amidst anger, chaos, and terror, he was true, fierce, and loyal.

THANK YOU, Kendrick Castillo!!!!  God Bless!!!


To honor Kendrick's heroic act I propose we create the Kendrick Castillo Heroism award. To be awarded to someone who goes above and beyond to help others. I envision it to be awarded only when truly justified, not necessarily annually.

I agree we should make a award to remember him anyone who puts their life above others should receive said award. Rest In Peace we may live many states apart but we are still family.

That is an excellent idea. Especially that it would be awarded only when justified, not just annually.

My heart breaks for his family and friends.

No Greater Love Than A Man Who Lays Down His Life For Others! Rest In Heaven! To his family, friends, & community, our prayers are with you. We grieve with you. God comfort you & hold you. Such Bravery! No hesitation! Your life inspired mine. Love you, young man!

Kendrick Castillo!!!!  God Bless!!!


You will forever be missed and you are a hero now till the end of time. Thank you and God bless you, you are so loved and so missed.

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