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Kicking Off Your Career

Dec 28, 2018 Written by Jay Flores, Global STEM Ambassador, Rockwell Automation.




Over the last few years I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to influence the FIRST Robotics Competition experiences. Participating with FIRST at this level has been a professional goal and a dream. My role brings together two innovators – FIRST and Rockwell Automation – to provide deep and broad value to students, mentors and coaches competing through FIRST now and in the future. We bring the best of two worlds together – technology and engagement – for the ultimate gaming and learning experience!


It’s an honor and a privilege!

As part of these efforts, I collaborate with product and technology developers from Rockwell Automation to ensure that our products and innovations are incorporated in game development. We want students to be more connected to and comfortable with our products, and this is an ideal way to get you familiar with our capabilities. For the company, we have a front-row seat with the future workforce. Soon, you’ll be our world’s inventors and innovators. It’s the working world right there on the competition floor.


As you enter this season think of how you can “put FIRST to work for you!” Here are 3 tips to launch your career with FIRST!


  1. Document your FIRST experience in a LinkedIn profile. Make sure to connect with me.
  2. Research 3 companies on the FIRST Internship portal and look for them at the events your team attends this year!
  3. Build your network! Start meaningful relationships with the current and future technology leaders of the world!


So make sure that you kickoff more than just the season on January 5th!


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Simple yet effective, great advice for our kids!

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