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2019 Medals and FIRST TV

Jul 23, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



2019 Medals

2019 Destination:Deep Space medals FIRST Robotics Competition

Take a look at these! Our medals for the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Season, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE. I think that is one nice looking medal.



Jasmine Florentine and Malcolm Strickland FIRST TV FIRST Robotics Competition

The next episode of FIRST TV airs at 7 PM ET on Tuesday, July 24. This episode features Jasmine Florentine, FRC Mechanical Engineer (you remember Jasmine) and Malcolm Strickland, FRC Mechanical Engineering Technician (you remember Malcolm), chatting about their FIRST (and pre-FIRST) experiences.


Also, have you ever seen the MTV show ‘Cribs?’ I haven’t. Seriously, I’ve got much dumber ways to spend my time than looking at some person’s walk-in humidor. But, our version, where we give you a behind the scenes look inside FIRST HQ, is going to be much more interesting. This segment will follow Jasmine and Malcolm’s on-set chat. And you are guaranteed not to be forced to look at jacuzzis shaped like guitars or whatever. Though we do have a video game tucked against a wall…


Tune in here!




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The video game isn’t covered by an old, dusty tarp is it?

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