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Jul 27, 2018 Written by Marie Planchard, Director of Education & Early Engagement, SOLIDWORKS.



Solidworks Turkey Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

This year, SOLIDWORKS sponsored the inaugural FIRST Robotics Competition Regional in Istanbul, Turkey.

In April, 405 teams descended on Detroit, MI, and 405 on Houston, TX for the 2018 FIRST Championship. Students from around the world competed in one of the most exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) events: the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Team 5422 FRC Stormgears FIRST Robotics Competition

Out of the 3,660 teams from 27 countries who competed in this year’s game FIRST POWER UP, 810 teams, were invited to the FIRST Championship. SOLIDWORKS is beyond proud to have sponsored nearly 50% of those championship teams, including 78 championship award winners. We are also proud to be the modeling solution to the FIRST Robotics Competition R&D team, helping to provide the Field Drawings, Game Manual and Assembly Instructions. We can’t wait to help more teams achieve their goals in the 2019 games.

Team 4905 Andromeda One FIRST Robotics Competition

In Detroit we were delighted to run into a few FIRST Robotics Competition teams in particular: Team 5422, Stormgears FRCTeam 4905, Andromeda One and Team Rembrandts. SOLIDWORKS Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Suchit Jain is a mentor to Stormgears FRC and North American Technical Sales Director Earl Hasz is a mentor to Andromeda One.

FRC Team Rembrandts FIRST Robotics Competition

Bas Kooman, CTO, of our SOLIDWORKS VAR, CADMES is a mentor and supporter to the Rembrandts.

Stormgears FRC were on the winning alliance in the Archimedes Subdivision and won the Detroit FedEx Innovation Challenge Award, Andromeda One won the Curie/Darwin Division Team Spirit Award and the Rembrandts won the Archimedes/Daly Division Engineering Inspiration Award. 

DASI Solutions FIRST Robotics Competition

Detroit is also home to reseller DASI Solutions. David Darbyshire, Annette Norris and team, support hundreds of Michigan student and teachers.

SOLIDWORKS in Houston FIRST Robotics Competition

It was great to see members of the SOLIDWORKS community giving back to the FIRST teams, and it was incredible to meet so many teams who have had such wonderful experiences with our software.

Team 2315 FIRST Robotics Competition

And the time has come to help  FIRST Robotics Competition teams who will compete in the 2019 season! Applications for SOLIDWORKS sponsorships are now open and available to FIRST Robotics Competition teams , and the perks are pretty sweet.

Among the awesome products teams sponsored by SOLIDWORKS receive are:

The access to MySolidWorks Professional is especially of note, as it includes over 600 product tutorials, students can start early on the path towards a future in engineering! Teams can find out more about MySolidWorks for Students here.

Team 6055 FIRST Robotics Competition

Apply for sponsorship for your FIRST Robotics Competition team (or any FIRST team) directly from SOLIDWORKS. You can find the sponsorship application here. SOLIDWORKS is proud of all the teams that competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition this year, and we are thrilled to see what all the teams do in 2019.

Apps for Kids SOLIDWORKS FIRST Robotics Competition

We also invite all FIRST teams hosting kid’s camp this summer to try out SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids for young designers ages 4-14. We can’t wait to help teams, old and new, reach for the stars and help make their dreams come true!

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I am looking for a designing a robot for my personal use. Please suggest a best product from SolidWorks product suits. Also , do you have any plan where I can use a trial SW for say for 3-6 months. 

Hi Rajeev!

Unfortunately, we only provide software to our participants. However, registration for the 2020 season is now open, and you can find more information about getting involved as a mentor, a student, or a volunteer here


Jamee Luce, Team Advocate

FIRST Robotics Competition

I am a First Senior Mentor, Control System Advisor, and FIRST certified instructor who needs access to solidworks.   Can you please direct me to where I may find an access code?


Hi Craig, 

SOLIDWORKS does their licensing with donees directly. Instructions are on their site at Good luck! 

Do you offer free licences to FTC teams too? We have 8th graders going into high school next year, and this would be a great opportunity to learn the tool, instead of autodesk. Thank you, Mark Rudnicki

Hi Mark, yes! FIRST also has software resources for FTC teams. You can find information specific to that program on their Robot Building Resources webpage for information.

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