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FIRST TV and Online Non-Medical Incident Reporting

Dec 18, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.




Join us at 7 PM Eastern tonight on our Twitch Channel for a Virtual Reality Kickoff Field Demo and more VR fun. Get a sneak peek at what the VR Kickoff field experience will be like for the 2019 season. Since we can’t show the actual 2019 field until Kickoff, we plan to use the 2018 field for the demo. But who knows! What happens if we accidentally load the 2019 field instead? It would be a disaster! And you could have front row seats!


Hosting the show tonight will be Jamee Luce, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Advocate, with guest Alex Herreid, FIRST Robotics Competition Software Engineer.


Online Non-Medical Incident Reporting

As noted on the “Rules & Expectations for FIRST Robotics Competition Events” page, under ‘Reporting Non-Medical Incidents’:


FIRST maintains a culture where concerns about safety, comfort, and fairness can be raised and addressed. If anyone states that they feel threatened or uncomfortable because of verbal abuse, inappropriate contact, or other negative behaviors that are not in the spirit or event rules of FIRST, we ask that you complete a Non-Medical Incident Report to formally document the event.”


In other words, if you see something, please say something! To make reporting these incidents easier this season, we have added an online version of the form. You can find it here. Hopefully, this will make documentation easier and reduce the chance that reports will be lost. Use of this form is not restricted to incidents that occur at events; they can be used to report issues during any FIRST-related activity. The paper forms will still be available for use at events, if you happen to be at an event and if you feel that would be the best way to report an incident. Please help continue to make the experience at events better for all.



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How important will be to access VR for kick off?

(Is in optional).

Where/When will software be available?

When will we get more detailed information on this?


Hi Jennifer, 

Viewing/engaging with the VR assets is completely optional - and it's up to you and your team how important it is. Our goal is to provide assets that are useful across platforms (computer, cardboard viewer, headset, etc.) that help teams best experience the field given the resources available to them. 

Content will be available shortly after the Kickoff broadcast is over, so ~noon, eastern time on 1/5/19. Some downloadable content will be available for download the week before Kickoff, but encrypted. The encryption code will be released at the end of the Kickoff broadcast, allowing you to access that already downloaded content at that time. 

Details are posted here, Check back after Kickoff when content will be updated to include 2019 content. 


 I don't know if anyone reads these anymore, but how long would a student be allowed to wait before submitting an NMIR report? I would like to report a personally-disturbing incident involving myself and another individual, but it occurred almost exactly 3 years ago.


Although there is no specific time limit, the more time that has passed, the more difficult it is for us to investigate the situation. However, we encourage you to complete the form.


Jamee Luce

Team Advocate, FIRST Robotics Competition

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