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2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Regional Awards Show 

Apr 17, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.




I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

As you hopefully know, we’re continuing to award Dean’s List, Woodie Flowers, and Chairman’s Awards this season. We’ll also be announcing our event Volunteers of the Year! Districts are setting their own schedules for announcing their awards, and those should be rolling out soon if they haven’t already. On April 29, FIRST HQ will be announcing the FRC Regional awards for suspended events on Twitch.

We have so many awards to announce that we’re going to be breaking the show into three segments. During each segment we’ll be covering a different set of Regionals. Look for the Regionals you were registered for below and be sure to tune in at the times shown!

  • 7pm Eastern Time - New York Tech Valley, Greater Pittsburgh, SBPLI Long Island 1 & 2, Southern Cross, Central New York, Hudson Valley, Smoky Mountains, Science Park Taichung, Orlando, New York City,  South Pacific, Buckeye, Finger Lakes, Festival de Robotique a Montreal, & South Florida


  • 7pm Central Time/6pm Mountain Time -10,000 Lakes, Central Missouri, Oklahoma, Canadian Rockies, Iowa, Minnesota North Star, Bayou, Central Illinois, Seven Rivers, Idaho, Memphis, St. Louis, Green Country, Wisconsin, Heartland, Colorado, & Rocket City


  • 6pm Pacific Time - Arizona North & West, Laguna, San Diego, Monterey Bay, Central Valley, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, Silicon Valley, Ventura, Beijing Cultural Exchange 1 & 2, Sacramento, Aerospace Valley, & Orange County

I’m excited to be watching these shows along with you! It won’t be the same as seeing awards presented in person of course, but I’m looking forward to that community connection!


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Why is it on a Wednesday tho

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