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GENERATOR SWITCH Sensor Modifications

Mar 11, 2020 Written by Kelly Carlson, Mechanical Engineer, FIRST Robotics Competition.




In the last two weeks of competition, FIRST HQ had a few events report issues with the GENERATOR SWITCH Sensor Assembly. We were able to trace the issues back to a minor rotation of the Sensor Assembly that was caused by the way it mounted to the bar that supports the GENERATOR SWITCH. To fix the problem moving forward, we are changing the location of the GENERATOR SWITCH Sensor Assembly and adding 2 parts to the GENERATOR SWITCH. The parts are attached at the top of the GENERATOR SWITCH Brace (GE-20011). We have no reason to believe this will impact a team’s ability to interact with the GENERATOR SWITCH nor change the dynamic properties of the GENERATOR SWITCH. We plan to release CAD with Team Update 18, but teams can expect to see the solution implemented starting Friday, March 13, 2020.

This change includes:

  • Moving the Sensor Plate’s cheeseborough from the black pole (which supports the GENERATOR SWITCH) to the Truss.
    • We will use the cheeseborough jigs to ensure proper alignment.
  • Adding a Sensor Range Plate & Backing Plate to the top of one GE-20011 (the GENERATOR SWITCH Brace) assembly per GENERATOR SWITCH. The Sensor Range Plate mimics the sensor cut-outs which were used on the GENERATOR SWITCH. It uses hook, loop, and cable ties to connect the GE-20011.

GENERATOR SWITCH Sensor Changes FIRST Robotics Competition

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Will this even be implemented? Is the season still on? Could we get an update on that? Many of us have travel plans that have extreme time sensitivity with regards to canceling without financial penalty

Please see the updated statement regarding COVID-19 here:

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