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Team Update 0.1

Sep 18, 2019 Written by Frank Merrick.




The community has been asking lots of good questions on the official FIRST Robotics Competition Q&A since we published 2020 season rules related to the retirement of Stop Build Day. This is great! It helps the community understand this very significant change to the rules and helps the FRC Game Design Team consider areas in which there may have been insufficient clarity in the original rules release.


Just as we do during the regular season, we will be releasing Team Updates occasionally to enhance the rules. You can find the first Team Update, Team Update 0.1, here. Pre-season updates will follow the numbering structure 0.X, with X being the update number.


This particular update includes only one minor clarification, but it’s one we felt might be helpful for you to know before First Event Preference opens on September 19. Other updates are in the works, though they will not be coming out on a regular schedule like in-season updates. I’m sorry that some of the answers to your questions are being delayed. As you can imagine, the activity required to complete the 2020 game is peaking at this time, and the Game Design Team is very busy. Also, we want to ensure we are not rushing through answers to the very good questions that are being asked. For these reasons, we are answering questions more slowly than we normally would in-season. We appreciate your understanding!



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I see that the rule update mentions bumpers, however no notice went out to buy materials. Do we still need to purchase pool noodles for these?

Yep! Please see this recently-published blog


Jamee Luce

Team Advocate, FIRST Robotics Competition

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