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Another Team Update and Event Preference Deadline!

Sep 25, 2019 Written by Frank Merrick.


Another Team Update

Team Update 02 FIRST Robotics Competition Stop Build Day Rules

You can find Team Update 0.2 here. Among other changes, you will see we’ve decided to include the rule about what it means to enter only one robot into an event. Several of the questions being asked on the Q&A related to this, and on a closer look at the 2019 rules about it, we decided they needed to be changed. With this release, we’re able to answer some of those questions, so check them out!


Also, if you are thinking of asking a question on the Q&A please ask soon! As we noted when we opened the Q&A, we’ll only be taking questions for limited time before putting the Q&A back into hibernation until after Kickoff. Once the questions slow down or get repetitive, we’ll be sending our hard-working Q&A back to its cot in the top-secret bunker deep below FIRST HQ for a much-deserved rest.


Event Preference Deadline!

The deadline for submitting your event preferences is Noon Eastern Time, Thursday, September 26. Please submit your preference now before it’s too late! Because once preferences close, there’s no way to get in. It’s totally like this:

First Event Preferencing closes September 25 Noon ET FIRST Robotics Competition

And there are no stairs of Cirith Ungol you can follow to the back door.



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