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2022 FIRST Robotics Competition Initial Registration Fees

Apr 30, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




Hello, Teams! This is a super-short blog today just to let you know that initial registration fees have been published for the 2022 season on the Cost and Registration page.

There’s probably good news and bad news here. The bad news is fees are going back up to what they have been in ordinary years, $6,000 for Rookies and $5,000 for Veterans. The good news is we are planning for an ordinary year! This means regular in-person events, in-person FIRST Championship, and a Kit of Parts that is much more like what you saw in 2020 than what you saw in 2021. While we can’t absolutely guarantee these things right now, given the uncertainties associated with COVID, it certainly is what we are planning for!

You will see some TBDs on the registration fee list for things like additional plays and FIRST Championship. Those items are still being finalized, but we wanted to let you know about initial registration fees as soon as possible so you can start making plans for what is going to be a spectacular 2022!


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Does the registration fee cover two events like in the past?

The registration does include two District Events for those in the District model (one Regional event for those outside of the District model). Full details are on the Cost & Registration page. 

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