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Kickoff, Teaser, and Wood Field List of Materials

Dec 16, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition





I hope you have this date and time marked on whatever technology or device you use for marking dates and times: January 8th at Noon Eastern Time.  It’s the FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff presented by Ford, and I am so excited to get this season officially underway! Join us live on FIRSTtv, or you can sign up for a tune-in reminder on our Kickoff page. Please note it’s Noon Eastern Time, rather than in the morning Eastern Time as we have done in the past. This is to help teams in the western part of North America get a little later start to their days if they choose. 

Also, please note this is streaming live exclusively on Twitch, per our agreement with them. We recognize many schools block Twitch on their networks. Kickoff locations at those schools will need to request Twitch be unblocked for that day or use other means (within school rules, please) to access Twitch, such as wireless hot spots. We’re letting all the Kickoff Coordinators know about this of course, so they should be ready!

You want merch for Kickoff? We've got merch. Hats! Shirts! Blankets! Water bottles! Safety vests! Metric tons of merch. Merch, by the boatload. Merch for the new season that says "We're back, baby! (Yeah, we are)" Check it out at the FIRST Store.


In case you missed it, check out the final teaser for the 2022 season. If this doesn’t scream ‘water game,’ I don’t know what a water game is.

Wood Field List of Materials

Edit: The List of Materials was updated to V1 to correct two errors: change the length of reflective material from 60 in. to 80 in. and change the quantity of 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1/8 in. thick clear polycarbonate sheet from 1 to 2. Our apologies for any inconvenience! 

Here’s the list of materials you will need to build all the complex versions of the field components. The complex versions offer the highest degree of representation. Simpler, less expensive, but less representative versions will be available after Kickoff.

In the past, we provided different levels of materials lists, trying to guess breakpoints for teams that wanted to ‘build it all’ versus ‘build it some.’ But we don’t know how useful the ‘some’ list is, as every team will analyze the game themselves and determine what makes sense for them to build, after thinking about their strategy and the room/resources they have available. So, this year, we’re just giving the ‘build it all’ list as we know for sure there are teams that will want to do that. For teams that don’t want to go for the full deluxe pie*, we recommend waiting until after kickoff to see what you want to build. Full drawings will be released then, and you can make the best decision for your team.

It’s really happening!!!


*Mmmmmm. Deluxe pie.

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will the vr field tours be making a return for the upcoming season? also can you run them on oculus? 

We haven’t released information about additional field assets for the 2022 season yet, but stay tuned to the FIRST email blasts and the FRC blog to see when information is published.

On the subject of room resources. Our group is building a full sized field for area teams. One of the spaces we're looking at is 64 feet. This worked (barely) for the 2019 field, but this build list makes me wonder if there is a large loading or scoring station that may extend the length of the field beyond the roughly 58 feet from drivers station support to drivers station support on the AndyMark field perimeter.

Is there any information FIRST can share about the required actual length of the field that wouldn't be a spoiler? Or put another way, would a student driver be able to shimmy behind any loading or scoring station if the total space was 64 feet?

Additional details (and hopefully everything you need to answer this question) will be posted on January 8, so stay tuned!

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