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Career Resources Coming Soon!

Dec 28, 2022 Written by Michelle Long, Director of Alumni Relations




Hi there!

Michelle Long (she/her) from FIRST® here to share some tips and resources for making the most of your FIRST experience as you think about life after high school.

Whether you already know exactly what you want to do after high school, or are just starting to think about it, we’ve got a new series of blogs (found on our Community Blog) and resources coming from our friend Ilene at Pounding Pavement 101. These will be released monthly over the rest of the FIRST season to help in exploring next steps after high school.

In addition to these incoming resources, be sure to check out the FIRST Alumni Handbook at and webinars from industry professionals


Lastly, mark your calendars for FIRST Signing Day 2023: May 17

On FIRST Signing Day, we celebrate all of the graduates in our community and their next steps after graduation. Graduates can share their letters of intent showcasing their education, enlistment, or employment; Teams, sponsors, and regions can celebrate their graduates with words of encouragement and celebration of accomplishments. Keep an eye on FIRST social channels for more!

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or needs! I’m just an email away at



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