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Crash Course on Off-Season Events

May 12, 2022 Written by Ashley Marie Johnson, FIRST Robotics Competition Program Specialist




The official RAPID REACTSM presented by The Boeing Company season may be done, but the excitement isn’t over. Off-season events are already in full swing which means more FIRST®, more robots, and more fun!

But it’s been a hot minute since we’ve all experienced off-season events, so we wanted to remind you about the resources we have for hosting an off-season event using FIRST equipment. First of all, what is an off-season event? An off-season event is “a gathering that utilizes FIRST program content for which there is a participation fee or sponsorship funding.”

Only host organizations (i.e. FIRST Partner Organization, FIRST Program Delivery Organization, local school/district, youth serving organization, team 501(c)3, etc.) can host an off-season event. Host organizations may borrow a field locally if one is available or borrow one directly from FIRST HQ.

All off-season events must adhere to certain criteria outlined on our Off-Season Event Page and the Off-Season Event Guidance page, including filling out our Off-Season Event Notice. These pages also include information on borrowing a field from FIRST HQ, listing your off-season event online, and downloading the Off-Season version of the FMS that works without the full set of electronics (available soon!).

Please reach out to with any questions.

Have a happy and safe summer, and don’t forget to hydrate!


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