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Aug 03, 2022 Written by Dan Goldenberg and Dean Yonah from OnyxTronix #2231




We are pleased to inform you about the partnership between FIRST and! is a cloud-based work operating system that allows teams to organize and manage their projects and assignments.

The platform offers customizable building blocks that allow you to make your own unique workflows and manage your season effectively.

As of the 2022 season, is officially a part of the FIRST Robotics Competition Virtual Kit, and the pro version of the platform is being made available for free by to all FIRST Robotics Competition teams around the world!


FIRST Global Webinar Registration representatives and members of OnyxTronix #2231 will be hosting a webinar on August 15th at 1:00 pm EST, you're invited. In the webinar, we’ll cover the basics of using specifically for FIRST Robotics Competition teams, and be happy to answer any questions about using from your team!

Please register for the webinar here.

Team #2231, OnyxTronix from Shoham, Israel, initiated the connection with and now supports other teams who are interested in using the platform.

Below are some examples of how they used the platform throughout the past season!

First, OnyxTronix used to break down all of the different assignments of the season into one board. All items are divided into 5 groups by their subjects: General, Mechanics, Control, Strategy, and Community and Marketing.


OnyxTronix also used to build a Manufacturing Table. This board is an example of an easy way to control and manage the manufacturing process of your team’s robot. In the board you can fill in the critical information of the manufacturing process like date, part status, part ID, manufacturing way / place and more.

Using the Views feature which allows you to see the same board in multiple ways, the board can also be organized by the part’s kind (profile, plate, 3D print, lathe and more) and the system it relates to (chassis, shooter, climber and more).


Another way to use the platform is the Dashboard view. This tool allows you to display important information from multiple boards in one place. Team #2231 decided to use this feature and make their 2022 Dashboard. In this dashboard they added status charts, a way to see people’s workload by date, their season Gantt, a countdown to the kickoff and the different events, FIRST Israel’s website and more.




In order to start working with you can visit this link, follow the sign up steps, and create your pro account for free!

Team OnyxTronix #2231 has created a few ways to help new teams to start and use the platform: tutorials, templates, guidebook, webinar and more.

The team has created a series of several tutorials which explains the basics of the platform and the integration between and navigating the FIRST Robotics Competition season and challenge. You can see the tutorials via this link.

The team has also created a few templates to assist teams that are starting to use the platform create their workflow more easily. Teams can edit the templates in order to fit it to their needs. You can find the templates and a guidebook to assist understanding and using them in the & FIRST landing page here.

For teams that already use the platform, we have created an account renewal form. If teams want to renew their account for another year they can fill out this short form, and the account will be renewed shortly after.

For more related updates or questions you are welcome to visit their Chief Delphi Thread in this link.

We hope this gives you and your team something fun and exciting to work on during this off-season, and we can't wait to see how you embrace Mondays (dot com ;) )!

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We tried to use the voucher that was in the 2023 Virtual kit catalog. We were told, by the company, that they were no longer supporting this plan with FIRST. We did not see anything under or in the blog. We had one of our student leads reach out to the company directly and were finally able to get an account activated for 1-year. I'm not sure if other teams have had any issues. 

M. Gydesen (FRC Team 1559)

So sorry for the added frustration. Yes, had to cancel their support after the voucher books were printed. We notified teams of this news in Team Update 00. Glad you were able to get a 1-year activation!

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