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Sibling Teams and an Expanded District

Aug 24, 2022 Written by Fiona Hanlon, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Experience Specialist & Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Sr. Program Manager




Sibling Teams

Many of you are familiar with organizations hosting a single team, but sometimes organizations host more than one FIRST® Robotics Competition team. We know that some teams have added a second or even third team to their organization. We are defining multiple teams associated with one organization as Sibling Teams and have created guidelines to follow. These guidelines will also be shared with judges.


Expanded Peachtree District

We are excited that the Peachtree District is expanding to include FIRST Robotics Competition teams from South Carolina! We are so thankful for our Program Delivery Partners from Georgia and South Carolina for partnering to make this change happen for 2023. As both organizations said in their email last week announcing this change, this partnership will give both states the opportunity to make FIRST ® programs more accessible to youth in their region. Good luck to teams in both states in the larger Peachtree District!

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How do you expect "Student members may only be registered to a single FIRST Robotics Competition team at an event. Students can change teams between events, but at an event, each team should have designated students. " To work?

Students are registered per team and not per event. Will there be a way to declare students to specific teams? Do we cross out names on the roster before turning them into to Pit Admin?

Is the main goal of this rule so that teams don't have the same students on their drive teams or doing their judge presentations?

I assume sharing scouts or having students work on/repair robots in the pits is fine since we often do that / help other teams with those things as well that aren't in our "organization".


Thank you for reaching out. We have updated the guidelines to include information about how students can change teams between events using the team roster and have added an FAQ that I think helps address these questions. Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

- Fiona Hanlon
FIRST Robotics Competition Team Experience Specialist

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