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The FIRST Reporting Portal is LIVE!

Feb 28, 2022 Written by Lee Doucette, FIRST Youth Protection Program Manager




We want to make sure everyone is aware that FIRST® has an online Reporting Portal for community members to report Youth Protection concerns, Medical Incidents, or other concerns. Some of you may remember the Non-Medical and Medical Incident Report forms. This new platform replaces both of those forms and allows anyone to report a concern to FIRST. Access the FIRST Reporting Portal! This link can also be found at the bottom of all pages of the website by clicking “Report a Concern.”

FIRST staff member will review reported concerns and will contact reporters, as appropriate or necessary, to set up a time to discuss the concerns.

When Reporting a Concern to FIRST, please make sure to submit as many details about your concern as possible and all necessary contact information to allow a timely and through follow-up. The FIRST reporting portal also allows for anonymous reports; however, reporting anonymously may impact the effectiveness of an investigation and prevent us from following up with the person reporting the concern or keep us from thoroughly addressing the issue.

FIRST has a zero-tolerance policy regarding retaliation against anyone who reports a concern or who cooperates in an investigation of a reported concern.

Not sure what to report?

The portal can be used to report multiple types of concerns including:

  1. Youth Protection Concerns:  The portal can be used to report multiple types of concerns including suspected abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination, questionable behavior or comments by adult volunteers, conflicts among volunteers or issues that haven’t been resolved by local leadership.
  2. Medical Incidents: All physical injuries/illnesses, however, slight, that take place at a FIRST Official Event must be reported to FIRST Headquarters. Physical injuries/illnesses that take place during a Team’s activities, not at an Official Event, need only be reported if the injury is related to FIRST game materials, FIRST game design, or FIRST rules. Names may be removed if privacy regulations require it.
  3. Other: If you are unsure what type of concern you have, we encourage you to make a report under “Other” and we will ensure that your report gets to the appropriate department or person to be addressed.

Are there types of issues that should not be reported using the FIRST Reporting Portal?

  • The FIRST Reporting Portal is monitored daily but is not a crisis hot line. If you have an emergency, safety issue, or event-related issue that needs immediate resolution you should speak to a trusted adult such as a mentor, an event volunteer, pit admin, or event manager. However, even when issues are resolved on-site, we still encourage participants to follow up by submitting a report on the FIRST Reporting Portal so we are aware of issues that occurred.
  • For example, feedback about game play, rule changes, or award descriptions, are considered program related concerns. Please share these thoughts with Please note that match results and award results are final and that we will not review match videos.  

But wait… there is more!

We are updating our Youth Protection Program Guide and Training Modules with new policies and content such as additional guidance on appropriate adult/youth boundaries and recommendations for safe internet and social media use.  Watch for these updated resources to be posted soon.

For more information about Youth Protection policies or guidance please go to our Youth Protection page or contact us using the info below:

Have fun and stay safe!

FIRST Youth Protection
603-666-3906 Ext. 250

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My daughter's team won an entry to go to the competition in Houston.  I have serious concerns about letting her go to Texas.  It seems to go against everything that First claims to stand for and all the screening that you do for parental volunteers.  Texas has institutionalized the hatred of trans youth and I'm concerned about the safety of my daughter in going there.  Will she or I be arrested because she receives gender affirming care?  Will she be harassed or threatened by transphobic people that must be rampant  in that state?

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