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2024 Event Info!

Sep 20, 2023 Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior Program Director




Round 1 Event Preferencing

Round 1 of event preferencing opens on September 21 at 12 pm (noon) eastern time! Teams have one week to put in their preferences for their initial event before the system closes at 12 pm (noon) on September 28. You can view events using either the event search on the FIRST® webpage or the FRC-Events webpage. Once preferencing closes, teams cannot make any changes before the first round of event assignment. The Event Preferencing page has a User Guide with more details and instructions as well as an FAQ.

You can also add the registration timeline to your calendar so you don’t forget! (You can actually do this for everything on the calendar.)

If you have any questions about events or the event preferencing process, please contact FIRST Team Support or the event's Program Delivery Partner..


Event Listing

2024 FIRST® Robotics Competition Regional and District events that are available for the first round of preferencing are posted for your review. Event details are subject to change, and you should base your event preference decisions on the current information available. If there are any changes to an event, we will work with the local Program Delivery Partner and the impacted teams to resolve issues the best we are able.


New and Returning Events:

We’re excited to announce:


Removing Events:

Long Island will only host one Regional Event this season at Hofstra University.


Events with Tentative Information:

  • We plan to have an event in Quebec this season and are still confirming the venue and dates. The event is tentatively posted for Week 6.
  • The Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional will be in Minneapolis. The exact venue details will be available soon.
  • We are planning for a third Regional Event in Mexico in 2023 to be on Week 3. The exact location will be announced soon.
  • Due to venue availability, the Smoky Mountains Regional is scheduled with non-standard event dates of Sunday-Wednesday.


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