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Award Submission Deadlines Coming Up!

Jan 31, 2024 Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior Director




The submission deadlines for the Dean’s List Award and the Woodie Flowers Award are next week, February 8, 2024 at 3pm US Eastern Time.

The submission deadline for the FIRST® Impact Award is the following week, February 15, 2024 at 3pm US Eastern Time.

The Dean’s List Award and Woodie Flowers Award are great ways to recognize the impact that individual youth and adults have on their team and community. Nominations are important, which is why we highlighted them in the 2024 Kickoff (Dean’s List Award) and the 2023 Kickoff (Woodie Flower’s Award).

Last season, 1,108 teams nominated 1,854 students for the Dean’s List Award, and 964 teams nominated a mentor for the Woodie Flowers Award. Last season, 953 teams submitted for the FIRST Impact Award.

Shoutout to the following regions that had more than half of their teams submit for these awards!


FIRST Impact Award Dean's List Award Woodie Flowers Award
Alaska India Delaware
India Singapore Alaska
Singapore Vietnam Singapore
Indonesia Delaware Vietnam
Vietnam Alaska Netherlands
Dominican Republic Brazil Dominican Republic
Japan United Kingdom India
Mississippi Dominican Republic Brazil
Mexico Wyoming West Virginia
Netherlands Indiana Mississippi
  West Virginia Israel




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