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Revealing the 2024 KitBot!

Jan 08, 2024 Written by Fiona Hanlon, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Experience Specialist






I hope you all enjoyed the 2024 FIRST® Robotics Competition Kickoff as much as I did! I am even more excited that we released the KitBot! We’re so excited for teams to use the KitBot and can’t wait to see its impact on FIRST Robotics Competition!

We believe this is a great starter robot for teams, but there are so many aspects that teams can iterate on to improve this robot. I can’t wait to see variations of this KitBot as I travel to events this season! We want to share a few key points here that are important to all teams building the KitBot:

  • The KitBot was designed to keep things very simple, which means there may be opportunities to iterate and improve on the existing capabilities it has. With this in mind, teams may choose to add additional components to allow the robot to pick game pieces up off the ground, climb on the stage, and more! Teams can reference the KitBot Enhancement/Iteration Guide for a process to explore these improvements.
    • One of our first recommendations for an improvement is that teams add shielding to prevent the game pieces from getting stuck on the robot and counting as the one game piece they are allowed to hold.
  • There are a few parts of the KitBot that are nuanced and will need testing to ensure they work correctly. We highly recommend teams make representations of the field elements at home so they can test at home. Teams may also consider reaching out to their local Program Delivery Partner to find teams nearby who may have open practice fields. If your build space is limited, teams should ensure they use the practice fields at events to fine tune everything.
    • We created a KitBot Overview video which highlights some of the specifics about what the KitBot can and cannot do on the field.
  • The KitBot is most accurate when using fully charged batteries. With this, we highly recommend teams check the batteries they are using and have multiple batteries to ensure time to recharge between matches.
  • If a team has questions or needs help, please ask!!
    • The FIRST® Forums contain a specific section for posting questions or discussion about the KitBot. Staff will be monitoring this forum throughout the build and competition season and will attempt to provide timely answers to all questions.


Next, I want to make sure everyone is aware that we have a ton of resources available for all teams on the KitBot webpage. We want to call out a few things here:

  • The KitBot Instructions are available in 7 languages including English. This document includes photos and step-by-step instructions to help teams build the superstructure.
    • Thanks to some amazing volunteers for helping us translate this document and others! Check out the Translated section to see all documents that have been translated.
  • Additionally, there is an assembly video with two FIRST mentors (who are also Alums!) that walks through and shows teams how to build the KitBot Superstructure.
  • Included in the KitBot Instructions are some Precision Machining Tips & Machining Techniques (section 2.3 & 2.4) that we believe are useful for all teams. This includes information on squares, calipers, match drilling, and more. We highly recommend that teams review this information.
    • Thanks to Team 118 and their Everybot project for providing inspiration and allowing us to utilize pieces of their previous documentation in these instructions.
  • There is basic code and a software guide that explains the electronics setup and the code available in 4 software languages - LabVIEW, Java, C++, and Python.
    • Please be aware that the encrypted python document had some minor errors. These have been corrected and a new version was posted on Kickoff. The encrypted version had no revision information, and the revised version is labeled Jan 6.
  • We have provided the KitBot CAD in SOLIDWORKS and have provided drawings in both imperial and metric as well as 3D print and router files for the KitBot. Additionally, PTC remodeled the KitBot in Onshape.
  • The KitBot Enhancement/Iteration Guide I mentioned earlier can be used by any team this season, regardless of if you build the KitBot or not. It helps outline a possible process teams could follow to brainstorm and decide on possible improvements to the KitBot, and it can be applied to any robot design.
  • We are including some of the parts needed to make the KitBot in the spare parts cases that are available at events. This does not include every part needed, but this means that we do have spares available in case a team needs them.


Thanks to the community member who helped us create the KitBot Design and the Suppliers who donated components to make the KitBot a reality. Finally, I want to remind teams that the KitBot is new this season, and we know that improvements can be made to it for future seasons. Please consider sharing thoughts via email and/or in the End of Season Survey that is released in May. or in the End of Season Survey that is released in May.

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