Playing Field


This page hosts links to a variety of ways FIRST Robotics Competition® community can experience the FIRST Robotics Competition playing field. FIRST is grateful to the supporters that created these assets.

Assets from the 2023 season and earlier are available on the FIRST Robotics Competition Archive page

FIRST Official Drawings, CAD models, Field Photos, & Videos

The official field is modeled in SOLIDWORKS. Teams who wish you use SOLIDWORKS can sign up for their donated account, meet other students using SOLIDWORKS tools in their Student Community Wiki, and find all other information about SOLIDWORKS tools and FIRST Robotics Competition on their dedicated page.

Note, unless otherwise indicated, links may automatically download. 

SOURCE (TE-24000)

AMP (TE-24100)

STAGE (TE-24200)
DrawingSOLIDWORKS, STEPReadMe (V3, updated Jan 16)

SPEAKER (TE-24300)
Drawing (updated Jan 16)SOLIDWORKS, STEPReadMe (V2, updated Jan 23)

Additional Field Assets

The assets below were neither developed nor validated by FIRST, and differences between fields represented in these tools and the official field may exist.

Autodesk - Fusion CAD Model

Visit Autodesk's FIRST Robotics Competition page for the field modeled in Fusion, their a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM tool. 

Autodesk - Synthesis Simulation

Synthesis is an open-source CRESCENDO simulator to test your CAD designs for driver practice, robot code emulation, strategy, and more.

Onshape - CAD Models

See links below for the two versions of the field modeled in and by Onshape.

REV Robotics - CNC Files (via Onshape)

REV Robotics offers files to help teams with CNC tooling to build and set up their practice elements. These files enable you to build all major field elements from plywood using finger joints (tab and slot) construction. The Onshape documentation contains details about materials and helpful tips for construction.

Please note: These designs are provided as-is and are not step-by-step assembly instructions. Some dimensions were modified to adapt the field from metal/plastic to plywood. While REV Robotics strived to maintain critical dimensions as closely as possible to the actual field, please refer to the official team drawings for robot design decisions.

Siemens - SolidEdge CAD Model

Visit Siemens' FIRST Robotics Competition page for the field modeled in SolidEdge. 

Stratasys - 3D Print Files

Download a simple desktop 3D printable model of the CRESCENDO field for use in real-life visualization, strategy sessions, and demonstrations. 

xRC - Game Simulator

Download a full-featured game (via computer or VR headset) representing 2024 CRESCENDO. Play single-player mode using build in mini-bot or play multi-player online. 
  • Prerequisites: PC running Windows or Linux or Apple computer running OSX (optional Steam VR with compatible headset if using Virtual-Reality). 
  • To use: Download from the xRC site, unzip, and install
  • Support: join the Discord channel for help/support.