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A Fantastic Record and Championship Volunteers Needed

Apr 06, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


A Fantastic Record

FRC Team 2056, OP Robotics, from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, recently were Finalists at the Waterloo Regional.* This is big news because, up until last weekend, they had been on the Winning alliance at every FRC Regional they had ever competed in. Every one! 23 in all! That’s a fantastic record, and one that is unlikely to fall anytime soon. And, just to show that they really are more than ‘just about the robot’, they were Chairman’s Award winner at the same event, their third Chairman’s Award since they were Rookies in 2007.

Congratulations, OP Robotics, for showing us the way.


Championship Volunteers

We’re looking for more volunteers for the FIRST Championship. Want to help bring this FIRST STRONGHOLD season to a rousing end? You can find more information about volunteering for Championship here.

Our largest needs for volunteers currently are in these areas:

Robot Inspectors

Inspection Managers

Practice Field Attendants

Field Reset (You’ve got about three weeks to bulk up. Just kidding!)


This Weekend

3 District Championships plus 12 other events this weekend. Is the FIRST STRONGHOLD season drawing to a close already? But the best is yet to come!


* BTW, that final match at Waterloo that determined the Winner was really exciting. Check it out here, courtesy of FRC Team 610, Crescent Robotics, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a member of the Winning alliance.

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Clearly, "OP delivers". And consistently!

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