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Event Preferences - More Q, More A, and an Unnecessary U

Sep 01, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

We’ve answered a few more questions that have popped up in response to our blog announcing the move to a preference system for event assignment. We also added detail to one of the original answers that was incomplete. You can find this information in an FAQ document posted here.

We will be continuing to update this FAQ document as necessary. I believe you can find answers to the questions you have asked either in the FAQ or the original blog. However, if I have missed something, or you have new questions, please comment below.

If you are in the US or Canada, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Labor/Labour* Day weekend respectively.


*Note to Canada: I love you, but you’ve got to do something about those extraneous vowels. They confuse and frighten me.

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When will we be able to see the FIM events posted? Other states are listed but not Michigan. 

Hi Roxanne. As of today, 9/7/17, we have not yet received the events list from Michigan District Management. As soon as we do, we’ll post them. 

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