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FIRST Championship Allocation for Districts and FIRST POWER UP Buttons

Dec 20, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick


FIRST Championship Allocation for Districts

We’ve determined the number of FIRST Championship slots the Districts are getting in 2018. See the table below:

FIRST Robotics Competition District
FIRST Championship Location
FIRST Championship Slots
FIRST Israel Houston 15
FIRST North Carolina Houston 14
Pacific Northwest Houston 32
Peachtree Houston 16
FIRST Chesapeake Detroit 21
FIRST in Michigan Detroit 89
Indiana FIRST Detroit 9
FIRST Mid-Atlantic Detroit 22
NE FIRST Detroit 37
Ontario Detroit 29


Wondering how we calculate this? See the quoted section from the 2017 FRC Game manual below and take a deep breath*:

Districts receive the percentage of 'available slots' at their assigned FIRST Championship location, rounded up to the nearest whole slot, equal to the percentage of teams they have in their District compared to the total of all FIRST Robotics Competition teams in the current season who would normally be assigned to their FIRST Championship location. 'Available slots' are calculated by taking the total number of slots at each FIRST Championship location, subtracting the number of pre-qualified teams assigned to that location, and also subtracting a 10% allowance for waitlisted teams, as Districts are still allowed to send waitlisted teams to the FIRST Championship. Further, this overall calculation uses a ‘snapshot’ of teams that have registered and paid as of a specific day a week or so after season payment due.

This season, we actually took the ‘snapshot’ referred to above on December 8th, several weeks after initial registration payments was due.

Edit, 12/21/17: Full calculations can be found here.



Check out this complete set of Drive Team buttons for FIRST POWER UP!

Oh, wait, did we accidentally show…rats…OK, well, whatever. Have fun.



*Yikes, Frank, can’t we do something the easy way? I mean, just once???

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Frank, last year you shared this document with the FIRST Community.  Will headquarters be sharing something like this again?



Good idea! See the edit above and thanks for reminding me we shared that data last year.

Will there be a separate button for the team Safety Captain this season or not?  Last season Frank showed six buttons for the Drive Team (included a button for the Safety Captain), this season he is only showing five (no button for the Safety Captain).

Yes, there will be separate Safety Captain buttons, styled similarly to what is shown above. Last year, we showed a full set of 'team' buttons, which included the Safety Captain button. This year we just showed the buttons for the Drive Team, which does not include the Safety Captain. Sorry if this caused confusion!

I am looking at making a t-shirt which includes the number of teams registered for the 2018 season. What is the exact number as of approximately a week prior to kickoff?

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