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It’s a Big Day! And Some Numbers

Sep 28, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

The Big Day

The event preference system closes at noon Eastern Time today! Please, please, get your preferences in if you have not already done so.

Here’s the rough sequence of events for today:

  • Event preference system closes at noon Eastern Time
  • We back up the data
  • We run the event assignment process and check the results. The purpose of the check is just to make sure the process worked as expected
  • Teams are sent personalized emails telling them to what events they were assigned or waitlisted, and the assignment results will show in the appropriate locations, like the website
  • The event assignment system opens back up for late-arriving teams

To explain a bit about the ‘event assignment system opening back up’; teams who miss the event preference submission deadline will be able to immediately select their first event they want to attend in the system. Essentially, this is back to the ‘first-come-first-served’ model for event assignment, but in this case, these teams are at the end of the line of all the teams that submitted preferences when the window was open. There will be no waiting for results for these teams; when they select an event they will be presented either with a ‘waitlist’ button or ‘register’ button. If they do not wish to waitlist, they can attempt to find a different event with open slots.

The process outlined above will likely take several hours to complete. Please do not start hammering our servers at 12:05 for event assignments – they will not be there. All teams will be personally notified of their results once we have them and can send those emails out.

Some Numbers

As of 10:00 PM last night:

  • 2,952 teams had submitted preferences.
  • This was about 93% of teams who were ‘Event Ready.’
  • We still had 231 teams who were ‘Event Ready’ but had not yet submitted preferences.
  • 46% of teams preferenced a single event

I’ll likely have a blog later today with some results.

Good luck everyone!


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If a team is waitlisted at an event during the preference system lottery, will they be able to register for an open event during the post-round 1 open registration period or will that only be available to teams who are not registered or waitlisted for any event? If so, does their waitlist spot assigned during the preference lottery get forfeited?

The post-round one period is only for teams that did not participate in the first round of preference submission, and so have neither been assigned nor waitlisted to any event. The idea is that every team gets assigned or waitlisted to (only) one event until second round event assignments have been made.

Are we selecting locations for both events? I thought we were only selecting location preference for the 1st event.


That’s correct, preference list is for your first event (first event you’re signing up for, not first event chronologically)

If we would like to go 2 regionals, what should we do on preferences system? 

Thank you.


You’re just telling us your preference for your first event; 2nd event preferences start on 10/12.

Hello FIRST, I just select our first event in mexico city, but in my dashboard don´t appear my selection and say "No registered events".

I need to wait for the list accepted or made any mistake in my register?

Please contact Team Support ( and they will be able to help you.

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