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Numbers We Have and Numbers We Don't (But Will Next Week)

Mar 10, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


So, Where Are Those District Points, Frank?

Folks visiting the District Rankings site will notice a ‘Coming Soon’ message for the 2016 information. We’re sorry for the delay, but we are currently verifying the algorithm and process to make sure all is working correctly before we post. All District points, including those from this coming weekend’s events, should be available by next Wednesday, March 16th. The good news is that once we’re up and running, District points and rankings will update live during events, so you can get up to the minute information at any time.


The number of events we have running this weekend. That’s a record, and a whole lotta FIRST STRONGHOLD. You want your FIRST STRONGHOLD? You got your FIRST STRONGHOLD. A metric ton of FIRST STRONGHOLD. A mountain of FIRST STRONGHOLD. You can check out webcasts of events at NASA or The Blue Alliance, and watch until your eyes are begging for sweet release.

90% (ish)

On average, the number of different field combinations used at individual events as a percent of the number of matches played at those events. This number may not be exact, as our programming/numbers folks are a bit busy right now on higher priority activities, but this is the rough cut. Most field-diverse event? PNW Auburn Mountainview at 97%. Least diverse? FiM Waterford at 78%. It will be interesting to see, as strategies develop this season, how this value changes (or not) over the weeks. Or, maybe we can come up with a better field-diversity metric. Suggestions welcome.


The number of respondents to our Week 1 event survey, which was sent out to all teams that attended Week 1 events. This is not a scientific survey by any means, it just helps us get a little bit of an idea of what FIRST’s key customers, the teams, think of the game and the events they attended. Here are the responses to Q15 “Please rate the overall quality of the FIRST STRONGHOLD game”

As a reference point, for Week 1 of RECYCLE RUSH, we had 5.4% rate the game ‘Very Poor’, 10.8% ‘Poor’, 27.8% ‘Fair’, 40.3% ‘Good’, and 15.7% ‘Very Good’. As I noted above, this is not a scientific survey, but it does seem as if the survey respondents think this year’s game is a step in the right direction.


As of this writing, the number of times the FIRST STRONGHOLD game animation has been viewed on the FRC YouTube Channel. With 1,392 ‘Likes’ and 38 ‘Dislikes’, if those numbers mean anything to anyone.

Good luck at those Week 2 events!


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Can we get a rough idea of how many if the total possible field combinations have been used?  

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