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An official LEGO set for FIRST STRONGHOLD? SQUEEE!!!!

May 31, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


Wait, let me see if I can express my feelings in a more mature, professional way…

No, after additional careful consideration, I’m pretty sure I nailed it the first time. In fact, I’m doubling down. SQUEEEEEE!!!!

This isn't real yet, but it could be. LEGO has a process by which anyone can develop a LEGO set, post it on their site, and - if it receives enough votes and gets the final OK from LEGO - have it turned into a commercially-available product. This may be old news to some of you, but Matthew Quigley and Emily McDermott, two members of FRC Team 810, The Mechanical Bulls, from Smithtown, NY, USA, created a FIRST STRONGHOLD set using LEGOs and have started the process to turn it into a real set folks can purchase.  

This is just the start of a long road. To even make it to the next step, we need to accumulate 10,000 votes on the LEGO website. That’s lots of votes, but to put it in perspective, it’s probably less than 15% or so of the total number of team members who participated in the FIRST STRONGHOLD season. Can we do this? I don’t know, but I do know that even the prospect of an official LEGO set for FIRST STRONGHOLD makes me smile.

You can vote for this set here. Registration on the site is required, but it’s easy, and it’s also easy to opt out of emails from the site afterward if you want to do so.

An added bonus in this set? Dean and Woodie Minifigures! And who wouldn't want those? No one, that's who. No one wouldn't want those. Check them out:

If you like this idea, please vote, and please be sure to share with your friends! If everyone seeing this blog gets just 10 of the people they know to support this*, it will put us one step closer to 'real'.

*And how hard can that be? You know 10 people, right? Maybe send it to 20, though, to account for the slackers. (You know the ones I'm talking about)  

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I want to vote yes on this Lego set of FRC stronghold!

זה יהיה מאוד מגניב אם ישען את זה!

This is so awesome!

This would inspire younger kids to pursue FRC and create a wave of kids who are already excited and know what FRC is about before they are even in high school.


I know some members of FRC1014 who will want this set if it comes out.

got my vote. 

I'd like this Lego set AND I'd like to see FIRST return Stonghold next year because from what I've heard this was by far the best competition in recent years. Last year's stacking and the year before frisbees were not challenging or fun. Get the Lego set but keep Stronghold going another year!

Omg please have the first stronghold a thing!!!!!! I would so pay for this

I want to vote yes on this leho strong hold for FRC!!

I vote Yes

I want to vote yes on this Lego set of FRC stronghold!



Yes yes yes!

I voted for the FIRST Stronghold LEGO set because it represents an international event that really occurred, looks cool, and it will sell well for LEGO.

Here are my guiding questions:

1) Will this product ADD VALUE to the Lego toys market? Explain why/why not.

2) What could be done to maximize this toy's ability to foster innovation & confidence skills in the age group this toy is designed to target? Explain.

3)  Are there ways the toy could be tweaked to help address FIRST diversity & inclusion initiatives?

4) How could sales of this product be structured to result in equitable financial benefits to the toy inventors, FRC 810, Lego Corporation, FIRST,  and all individual FIRST teams simultaneously?

IT would be really handy for teams to work on strategy with a set like this. 

I vote yes for this!!!

I vote "YES."  Should feature Team 330 - The Beach Bots  They were amazing & brought the crowd at Championships to their feet  


Would love to see this Lego do a First Stronghold to build a relationship with the builders of tomorrow.  Let's hear it team 2502! 

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