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Saying ‘Thanks’

Aug 22, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

There’s a proverb, or at least people say there’s a proverb*, that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Regardless of the extent to which that saying rings true to you, I think it generally does take a village to support a FIRST Robotics Competition team. And the folks in your particular village probably could be doing something else with their cash, time, and other resources. That investment in your team is worth a simple ‘thanks’ at least once a year – and more if possible.

As we ramp up for the 2018 FRC season, this is just a gentle reminder to think back over the year and consider whether you have appropriately thanked all the people and organizations that support your team in doing what it does. A simple ’thanks’ can go far in strengthening that bond.


P.S. Thanks for reading this smiley

*Which I guess is the same thing as there being a proverb? Some proverb research here.

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I want to show my gratitude to FIRST. Thank you FIRST!

You are welcome!

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