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Youth Registration and Drive Base Kit Option

Oct 02, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick


Youth Registration

The new team member registration system for youth (formerly known as STIMS) is now open! Once both the Mentor 1 and Mentor 2 on your FIRST Robotics Competition Team have completed their Youth Protection Program (YPP) screening, they will be able to send an email invitation to a parent or a youth inviting the youth to join the team. You should start getting those students on your team signed up now! Registering the students on your team electronically using the new system will reduce the amount of paperwork you need to bring with you to events. And who doesn’t need less papework in their lives?

You can find the guide to the Youth Registration System here, and an overview of the system here.

Drive Base Kit Option

As we said in this blog, the drive base kit option is open right now for teams.  Only veteran teams have this option.  This option closes at Noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 10th.  Teams that do not ‘opt out’ of receiving the kit drive base by this deadline will receive the kit drive base. Teams who do opt out of the drive base by the deadline will receive a $450 AndyMark voucher in place of the kit drive base.

If you are considering opting out, keep that deadline in mind! Like we always say – ensure you will be on time by planning to be early!


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