Experience FIRST programs in action

Impact the next generation of changemakers! Volunteering with FIRST is an amazing opportunity for you to be energized, feel fulfilled, and have FUN. You’ll be inspired when you join our community and feel the energy and excitement that our programs bring to students and adults alike.

Volunteers make up 99% of the FIRST workforce. Whether you have four hours on a weekend, want to mentor/coach for a season, or just want to be a part of the overall experience, there is a volunteer role suited to your unique talents and interest. 

When you say, “Yes, I want to help!”, you’re also helping our non-profit organization fuel its mission of changing the world – one student at a time.

What you want to know about becoming a volunteer with FIRST:

  • Getting Started - To be assigned as a FIRST volunteer you will need to sign up in our Volunteer Registration system and complete a free background screening (if you are over 18 years old).  
  • Communications - Once you are assigned to a volunteer role, you will receive communications about your role from the event organizer.  
  • Training - You will receive training specific to your assigned job either before or on the morning of the event. You should receive communications from your event organizer about whether training is required. 

For more in-depth information about volunteering with FIRST see the FIRST Volunteer Handbook.

Different ways to help:

Event Volunteers - Run seasonal events at the local, regional, and national levels; take on a variety of jobs from judging and field reset to crowd control and safety glasses attendant.

FIRST Championship Volunteers - Support one or both FIRST Championship events with choices of many available volunteer positions

Mentors & Coaches - Guide teams in a FIRST program as they work through the challenges of each season; offer off-season support and guidance

FIRST AmeriCorps Members - Serve in a part-time capacity through AmeriCorps to facilitate access to FIRST programs in low-income and low-resource communities

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