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Judged Awards in 2017

Dec 02, 2016 Written by Cindy Stong and Allen Bancroft, FIRST Robotics Competition Chief Judge Advisors.


Thank you Frank for giving us an opportunity to spread the word about some updates on FRC Judged Awards. We are continuously trying to improve the award process and we have a few exciting updates to share with you.

You will probably notice this season (if you are in a Regional event) that all judged team awards will be given out on Day 2 of the competition. Districts have been doing this for a while. We feel this should be a great improvement and give your judges more time to gather information and deliberate. Regionals will still have a Day 1 closing ceremony, at which the Woodie Flowers Finalist and Dean’s List Awards will be presented, along with Volunteer of the Year. 

And this season all of the award information will be communicated to you on the web, rather than as part of an Admin Manual. You can find the awards information you need here. Please pay attention to those due dates!

And lastly, during the Chairman’s Award interview, we are strongly encouraging teams to bring one adult observer into the interview room, as allowed by the rules. This observer can give the team timely feedback based on observations and feedback based on any questions the judges ask. Teams are not penalized for having this adult observer - it will not lower your score.  

Best of luck to all of this season’s teams! And remember - apply for all eligible awards including Dean’s List!!

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How will this work for three day regional events? Will only game play related awards be distributed on the third day, or will the judged awards be pushed to the third day as well?

Judged awards will be given out the last day of the event - the same day when qualification play is done and playoffs are completed.

Hi, I have the doubt of which are the awards that give pass to the Championship like the Rookie All Star Award and the Chairman's Award?

Hi Miguel - great question.  The FRC judged awards:  Rookie All Star, Engineering Inspiration, and Chairmans won at a Regional or a District Championship qualify teams for Championship. 

Cindy Stong, Chief Judge Advisor

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