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Downloadable Content (DLC) Pack 3 and Buttons

Dec 15, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


Looking for a little holiday something from FIRST? Some FIRST STEAMWORKSTM content, maybe a hint or two? Look no further. Lovingly wrapped and delivered!


DLC Pack 3

DLC Pack 3 is going to be released tonight at 7PM Eastern Time. You’ll be able to download it here.

This DLC pack includes a special community-created element from Darryl Greathouse, Mentor for FIRST Robotics Competition Team 6193, "The Legend of Robotics". We had a few other community submissions for this DLC, but they weren’t quite what we were looking for. Still, thanks to everyone who submitted! 



I felt like we needed to share this. Fresh off the button machine, the newly redesigned team buttons for 2017! Every team will be getting a set like this (with your own team number printed on them, of course). Check them out:

2017 FIRST STEAMWORKS Driver Team Buttons


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Why not include a link to ALL of the DLCs right here instead of making us go look for them? Or did I miss it above?

Hi! The link above takes you to the page where all 3 packs are available for download. You can see them all here: (Same as the link in the blog post.)



So does this mean that it will be a five person drive team this year??

That's a great question for after kickoff, but by then the answer will be obvious :) 

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