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Hot Downloads Now and More!

Jan 04, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick


Hot Downloads Now

FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff is this Saturday!

You can get a jump on the rush Saturday by downloading the following encrypted files now. We will release the encryption key during the Kickoff broadcast. Find information about the Kickoff broadcast here. Using the key, you’ll be able to open these files immediately.

Please do not re-host or redistribute the content posted by FIRST. All are welcome to post links to our content, though, as long as the content itself remains on our servers. The content could change at any time after Saturday’s Kickoff, and by linking to our content instead of hosting, we can make sure everyone is getting the most up to date information.


2018 FRC Game Season Manual

Kit of Parts Checklists

Gray Tote Checklist

Black Tote Checklist

Drive Base Kit Checklist

Separate Items Checklist


Team Drawings

Field Drawings (evergreen)

Field Drawings (FIRST POWER UP specific)

Layout and Marking Diagram

2018 FRC Control System Software

All FRC Control System Software has been posted and is now available for download. Note that you will need the encryption key from the Kickoff broadcast to access the NI Update Suite to get anything running on a roboRIO, but all other content is unencrypted. You can find a quick guide to what to grab for installation later here


Some in our community have expressed occasional concerns about the way in which the game design team has answered game questions posed to them through the official Q&A system. We are addressing this concern this season by eliminating the Q&A system. Boom! Problem solved.

I’m joking! Of course we will have a Q&A system, and it will include enhancements to make it better than ever!

The Q&A system won’t open, though, until Wednesday, January 10th, to give teams some time to digest the game manual. We will be providing more information about the Q&A system early next week

Event Rules

In addition to the rules in the game manual, please remember to review the rules here. This webpage also includes information on how you should report medical and non-medical incidents to Event staff.

I’m so excited for Kickoff!


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Can we get the field drawings as CAD in addition to the PDF? Personally trying to one-up our teams ability to tour the field in VR on Kick-off day. An encrypted archive with the SolidWorks file of the field to download ahead of the announcement would support this.

I agree with CAD source for field. This has been done in the past by PTC for the FRC community

Do you know if the 3D model of the Field Power Up 2018 competition is already available?

Good idea! We can look into this for next year.

It won't download

Hey Frank,

I have tried to download the files, but keep getting the encrypted password request prior to download. Am I doing something wrong?

Team 4334

Hi, try right clicking on the link and selecting "Save link as..." (or similar depending on your browser). That should download the file to your computer. Let us know if that doesn't work for you.

Worked great... Thank you!

You are being prompted for the password because your browser is trying to open the file for display.  Instead, you should right-click on the link and select "save link as...".  You will then be prompted to specify a location to save the file on a local drive.  Then, after kickoff you open that file on your local drive and provide the password at that time.  I hope that helps.

Why are evergreen field drawings password protected?

Thanks Frank!  :)  As always a great job!

whats the password to the documents? I cant seem to get in.

Tune in tomorrow to find out: ;)

Where do we find the password tomorrow?

Hi! I have a doubt, last year images of the field were published, will this year be the same? Thanks!

I'm trying to extract the NI Update Suite.  Could someone share the encryption key?  I missed the kickoff.  Thanks

Yes, it's pLaY&4%R3aL!

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