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2019!! And a Little 2018…

May 04, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.




As we revealed at FIRST Championship, the FIRST Robotics Competition game for the 2019 season is Destination: Deep Space! In case you missed the reveal, and the common theme we’re going to have across all four FIRST programs, check it out here.


And a Little 2018…

While we’re officially launching the 2019 season, we know the 2018 season still carries on in the form of some exciting off-season event action. You will continue to be able to access documentation about FIRST POWER UP here. And if you are hosting an off-season event, and want to get it on the official FRC calendar, see this page for instructions.



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You scored Neil DeGrasse Tyson to do our voiceover? In some circles, he is a bigger name than I think FIRST really has hit Rock Star status now!!!! Well played, FIRST, well played.

When will the digital animation award be announced for the 2019 season? Usually the theme of the game isn't released until later, and its early release means we all already know what to make our animations about. Will this award still be available? When will we receive information? When will submissions open/close?

Hi Alex! Great question! We will be re-evaluating several of the awards that were theme dependent for the 2019 season. We will keep you posted about any updates throughout the summer! Thanks! Jamee

By the theme and looks of the image like similar years, The types of point gaining via Climbing or lifting your robot off of the ground, and then either moving asteroids to a spot on the game floor OR picking up and deposting a fuel type for lift off such as wiffleballs or something similar


Does re-evaluation mean that there is a possibility this award will not be available? I would like to begin my animation as soon as possible if the award is still being offered, so any information on when the award information will be available would be super helpful.

Hi Lyndsey! The Digital Animation Award will still be available. We can't commit to timing or the submission process or any other specifics, however. We are still working through these details. Thanks! Jamee

How cool would it be if you could get NdGT to emcee 2019's world championships?

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