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DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Logos, Pool Noodles...and Anybody Want This?

2019 Game Logos are now available, pool noodles and cleaning out Frank's office!

Jun 08, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.





With the early release DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE at Championship, we can do some pretty handy things, like getting official logos out to the community months before we normally would. So here you go! Get your official logos here!

2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Game Logo DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE


Pool Noodles

You will be needing pool noodles for bumpers in the 2019 season. If your stock is running low, you may want to pick some up.


Anybody Want This?

2015 FRC Control System Layout Poster

It's not old, it's vintage


I've had this display board of the 2015 Control System hanging around my office for a bit. It needs to find a loving home, or we'll find a way to recycle it. If you want it, send an email to me at You may want to tell me why you want it also, just in case I get a couple requests, so I have some way other than a lottery to figure out who gets it. You'll have to pay the shipping costs but we can figure that out later.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or winter if you are south of the equator)!




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Hi Frank,

I am assuming this board is "taken" by now. If not, I would love to have it. My son is part of FRC for the past 3 years(they have been to worlds 2 out of those 3 years)  and I cannot imagine how thrilled he will be to get this board as a gift and a learning tool.

Thanks so much!

-Samir Bavkar


Searching the internet still finds noodles that claim to be 2.5" but in many cases they fall short when they arrive. Seems companies are down sizing the products to stay profitable. There are many articles about this phenomenon. I encourage/ demand that our bumpers are not saggy but equally impressive as the robot. Corey Applegate team 3244

On CD there has been discursion on the various diameters of pool noodles and that many are not 2.5 inches. Is the GDC willing to comment on what is the range of "nominal"? Or is it going to be something on the LRI for your event knows for sure?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll be reviewing and addressing this issue in the 2019 robot rules – but don’t worry, we’ll do it in a way that won’t make any noodles that have previously passed inspection illegal.

We need pool noodles for the robots, water games confirmed!

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