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Event Ready and Beta Test Application

Sep 14, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



What does it mean to be Event Ready?

That’s a great question! In order for teams to be Event Ready, both Lead Coach/Mentor 1 AND Lead Coach/Mentor 2 must have completed their user profiles, including having accepted the Terms & Conditions, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and the Youth Protection Program Policies. For US and Canada Teams, BOTH Lead Coach/Mentor 1 & 2 must be passed through the Youth Protection Program screening. Finally, the Team Profile must be complete. The great thing about this list is that any of these items will show up as an “Outstanding Task” if it is not complete.


Some of you might be wondering, Frank, what is all the excitement about being Event Ready? Glad you asked! First, being Event Ready means that your team will be able to add Event Preferences when First Event Preferences open next Thursday, September 20 at Noon ET. But wait, there’s more! As we announced in the blog earlier this week, you want to get Event Ready by next Thursday, September 20 at Noon ET because that will make your team eligible for a chance to receive a free 2019 registration*!


Beta Testing Applications Now Available

Fall is in the air which means it's about time to get started on the FIRST Robotics Competition Control System Beta test! Once again we are looking for 20-25 teams per software language to join a handful of invited teams in testing changes for the 2019 season. These changes include improved camera streaming for LabVIEW, the VSCode/GradleRio change described in a previous blog, upgrading tools to Java 11, and more. If you're interested, fill out the form here by Friday September 28, 2018.




*That’s right, I said a FREE 2019 registration! Seriously, get yourselves Event Ready.

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We are the 7217 rookie grant 2018 team, we have a robotics school for 100 children and a team of 7 mentors, with 24 seasons of experience among all.
We are in a conurbated area with 11 teams and at 3 hours away there are at least 6 more teams.
Our team is made up of students from 6 high schools and we are part of a university with several engineering and administrative areas that support us to have a better performance as a team.
Last season couching 4 teams from Mexico, this season we already have team FLL and FLL Jr with children with autism and we are couching a FTC team.
We are also supporting two teams in the region with courses.

Hello Gerardo!

Thanks for the all the great information about your team! Please fill out the Beta Team application here:

If you have additional questions, please send an email to



I am from team 7028 and we would like to apply for the beta but the form will not accept team numbers over 7000. Is this an oversight on the form, or are newer teams with numbers over 7000 not being accepted for the beta?

Hi Andy, sorry about that! That was an oversight when updating the form from last season. The form has been corrected and you should now be able to submit with your team number.

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